I've been genetically blessed to basically eat what I want and put little weight on. I love my food and often my portions are man size!If I am stressed I lose weight very quickly. Growing up I was always athletic and active. Dancing was and still is my passion and go to for exercising. Studies now show it is the best way to combat dementia, so get dancing people. I've never been to a gym. Before I fell pregnant with my first daughter Caitlyn, I would consider myself healthy and at a good weight, my body was toned to a degree, I walked a lot so I had a slight six pack going but not what I consider fit.

My 20 year old body looked amazing (it might just be all in my head though lol, oh to be 20 again lol) but I wasn't at my prime physically. Because Caitlyn was such a large baby 9.77 pounds/4.2KG, my stomach muscles tore in two (give me a high 5 all those mums out there in my category). In the 8 month of being pregnant the stretch marks appeared and now I have lots of loose skin on my stomach (I look like I've been clawed by a tiger). My double D boobs were never the same after breastfeeding and now they turn into little flat pancakes the minute I stop breast feeding (nothing a good push up bra can't fix or a boob job lol).  

After having Caitlyn, I felt very insecure for a long time, lost all motivation to fix my stomach separation and just "lived with it". I never wore a bikini after that, unless I covered my stomach or I was already so pregnant that the floppy skin was not visible. Soooo depressing!

I returned to dancing for a couple of years when Caitlyn and Meira's dad and I separated and once M and I got together I stopped dancing and focused all my time and energy into our relationship and being a partner and mother to our 6 girls. Financially anything I needed for myself or wanted I pushed into the corner of a cupboard I would rarely open. They came first for everything and my girls now to an extent still control my life in a great way. So after baby number 4, I was in no rush to lose any of the baby weight I had gained and was just going to gradually ease myself into some exercise when the warmer weather approached. I ate as I always did.

I remember how I felt trying to work out what to wear for my nephews 1st birthday party. Not really fitting into any of my old clothes but anything that was stretchy I could possibly get away with. My sister bought me a dress for my birthday and I put that on. I hadn't felt attractive in a long time but all the girls were making some beautiful comments to me as I got ready and I felt like I was slowly getting some mojo back. M didn't give me a compliment though and I felt pretty low.

Once M and I decided to separate, I was not coping emotionally. On a whim I decided to go back to dancing, be in the concert and celebrate the 25 years the studio had been opened for. I felt it would help with the stress besides the walking, give me a healthy distraction, motivate me and it gave me a goal to aim to within 5 weeks to build up the stamina for a dance I did in 2009!!!! It was only 1 dance. The adrenalin was great and I realised how much I missed being on stage but I stuffed up the routine a zillion times!!!! Bloody baby brain!

I lost all the baby weight from the stress of M leaving. I decided it was best to have a blood test to make sure I was healthy as I am breastfeeding Sonya on a regular basis. To my surprise the results returned and the Dr said everything from my iron to my cholesterol was perfect, which made me very happy!

I haven't changed what I eat at all. I have a pretty balanced diet, lots of fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Have the odd alcoholic drink but I don't really drink. I eat junk food when I feel like it, but don't keep much of it in the house. I TRY to walk once a day up the road pushing the girls in the pram and I TRY every second day to do an abs and butt workout from an app on Caitlyn's tablet with her. So no more than 1 hour of exercise a day. Little miss self motivated (Caitlyn) started doing it months before me and asked me if I wanted to join her. I reiterate the word TRY because as a mum not everything goes to plan. Kids get sick, the weather is too hot or raining, appointments and other things need attending to and have to be rearranged.

So just TRY to fit in exercise daily. 

As Fergie would say "I am working on my fitness", abs and butt for the new me. Let's be honest a tummy tuck and boob job will be on the agenda in years to come because nothing will ever fix those two things! I don't think my butt will be going quite as big as Kim KW, that's not really me, plus spending hours "working out" would bore me but none the less the aim is to get some shape. 

It's also made this Little Tribe of Women stronger and closer through the process of exercising together. Even Giselle and Meira join in on the odd occasion. 

My Fighting Fit tips from this post are: Get a blood test and make sure you have a healthy base to begin with, build a strong core before pregnancy and after and make exercise a part of your weekly routine where ever you find the time. 


Week one feeling fabulous


I can honestly say that dancing is a part of my being. To be back at dancing and releasing the stress and sexual frustration has been a great help. I highly recommend that you find a sport or physical form of exercise that you are passionate about and go and do it. Don't put it off, just book it in and do it. Some people love the gym, swimming, football, netball. Just find what drives you to move your body. Clearly sexercise has now been crossed off my list. 


I also love to walk, and walking up the road with Sonya and Giselle in the pram with my mum, with Caitlyn and Meira or on my own feels really rewarding. It also showed me how utterly unfit I am. I have a long way to go before I don't feel like I am dying and going to collapse after 10 minutes, needless to say I am motivated to keep pushing myself to improve my stamina.


Can not believe that I have not been able to walk or do a work out for days because of the weather and the billion and one things that need doing at this crazy time of year with Christmas just around the corner.

I want you to know that when your "workout plan" gets thrown out the window, to not give up. I've realised that I need to work out within working out my plans for the day. If it doesn't work then i ain't working out lol.

I can honestly feel the difference in my energy levels when I haven't walked or done an ab and butt workout with Caitlyn. It also has dawned on me that all the lack of sleep that I had within the first months of separating have finally caught up on me and I am back to sleeping 8 hours a day most nights.

On a positive note, I have been asked many questions on what I have been doing and how well I look which is encouraging so I'm going to keep fighting fit and encouraging women to do the same, 

Complete frustration

I have forced myself on days that I AM TIRED to go for a walk or do a workout. Being busy with children has restricted my ability to fit in exercise on a regular basis. Especially at such a busy time of year when the social calendar is jam packed full.

I have seen so many women still working out and their bodies looking amazing and I'm left feeling motivated and deflated at the same time, LOL.

I feel like I should be reminding mothers out there that simply putting your ideals of "my time to exercise" on pause for that day or week for that matter is not a bad thing. It is not giving up. It's just a reality check that exhaustion from a teething baby and demanding toddler or trying to get your house into a state of some cleanliness before Christmas is exercise in itself.

dance maria dance

I am so chilled in regards to routine in the school holidays, there's no set time for anything lol, I can see some mums shaking their heads in disbelief. I have a million and one things to get done and not enough hours in the day.

I felt down about a few discussions I had with M that day and since dancing had stopped, my one hour of regular stress/sexual frustration release per week had vanished. I decided to crank the music and as I cooked I danced with my girls in the kitchen.  I swear nothing helps me more than a booty stress shake off to energizer and refocus my emotions.

My Fighting Fit Tip- Booty Stress Shake Off, Anytime, Anywhere #TRIBEOFLITTLEWOMEN




I am so excited to have Lunar Back. She has been with M for the past 3 months and now she is home!!!!!!!!!!! She is full of energy and since I am down my two little ones, an afternoon walk up the road is on the cards for the 4 of us. It's now time to put all of Cesar Milan's technique into place and retrain our beautiful dog.

Walking with Lunar was rewarding but I have no idea how I am going to manage this when I am pushing the pram as well lol. I guess I will be taking it in turns. 


Workout music is a must! You need to create a playlist that will motivate you to work that body and sweat. It's also a powerful way to heal emotionally, even if it does remind you of your ex. I could not live without music! It fascinates me how a song can bring back a memory or make you "FEEL". Music is powerful so cry, smile and dance while you workout.  

 Here is my playlist:

New Rules - Dua Lipa

Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry

Selena Gomez and Marshmallow - Wolves

Rita Ora - Anywhere

Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes

David Guetta, Charlie XCX, Afrojack and French Montana - Dirty Sexy Money

CNCO and Little Mix - Reggaeton Mix

French Montana - Unforgettable

French Montana - Famous

N.E.R.D and Rihanna - Lemon



I haven't walked or worked my abs and butt in weeks and I can see the lack of effort = no results in my butt lol. I put my swimmers on and was sorely disappointed at the state of my backside after only being on Instagram hours earlier seeing everyone's perky butts. There are so many women on there with their routines and exercises. Who the hell do you choose to commit to?

I've decided I am going to take what I can from all of them,  So I am very motivated to do something about it and set a goal to have a butt by the end of the year! I am going to take before and after pics. Highly embarrassing but hopefully the results will motivate you to pick an area you want to tone and keep yourself accountable.



get cleaning


Apart from the odd few, no one really "LOVES" cleaning. It's a necessary evil. But what I can say is that on those weeks when you haven't been able to go for a walk or do a workout, make the time to clean some part of your house that you have avoided. Since I have embarked on the tedious task of repainting my whole house I have had to clean all the walls before I paint.

I can honestly say that putting on some music and scrubbing walls, skirting boards, doors and ceilings with a sponge, sugar soap and a bucket of water is a workout in itself. I was sweating!!!!!!!

The satisfaction when you stand back at what you have just cleaned is invigorating and you will feel like you have accomplished a marathon. So get cleaning everyone.


waves of inspiration

This hot summer weather has driven me literally to the beach every free day. I have created a healthy addiction. I was able to leave the girls with M for one particular day and spend it in the surf catching waves with Caitlyn and Meira. I can honestly say that it was invigorating, therapeutic and a great way to change up the routine of walks and workouts.

I have been doing a workout at home every day after looking in the mirror with my swimsuit on, increasing reps from 10 to 20. I've actually stood there wishing, wanting results like yesterday. Hoping if I rubbed an empty glass bottle a genie would appear and grant me 3 wishes or weighing up the possibilities of looking in the mirror, blinking twice, closing my eyes and clicking my heels 3 times, to reopen them to find a nicely rounded bottom appear in the reflection. 

I completely understand why people that surf or go to the beach daily look amazing. I could feel all the muscles I don't use being used swimming, fighting the waves and catching them. Mentally the beach is a great place to let the waves take all your worries, cares, concerns and thoughts away, even if it is momentarily.

There will be people reading this thinking how much they hate the beach and the sand and where it all that sand ends up, lol, but I strongly recommend putting all those negative thoughts aside and just enjoy nature in it's truest, wildest form.